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Develop A Plan For Happiness

I was invited to the "Graduate Warriors" Radio broadcast where Wileen Becker and I talked about developing a plan for happiness.

Happiness doesn't just fall into your lap.

I look back at periods in my life where I was unhappy and miserable.

I was doing the wrong things. I was with the wrong people. I didn't have clarity and wasn't living in congruence with who I am as a person.

You have to cultivate and create your happiness. You do this when you are clear about what makes you happy. Then plan and do the activities that bring joy.

Live your truth.

Connect with yourself.

Connect with others.

Have meaningful pursuits. Things that add value and challenge you.

Stop doing things that distract. Say no to obligation. Create a "need to stop" list instead of adding more to your "to do" list.



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