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Promotion to Major

Well, the Army must be in a state of desperation because I made the promotion list to Major. (I don't get promoted today, but it is imminent) It's bittersweet as I sit here working on my retirement packet.

My career has been unusual. I enlisted when I was 17 in the Missouri Army National Guard. I came from nothing and joined out of necessity to avoid a pathway that would have likely not ended well.

I wasn't college material and I saw the Army as my only option for self-improvement and being part of something greater than myself.

I spent 13 years enlisted, earning the rank of Sergeant First Class before crossing over to the dark side as an officer.

The Army has shaped me into who I am today. It is not an easy lifestyle. It's hard. Nothing is given, you have to earn and work for everything. The Army constantly throws you into situations before you believe you are ready. As soon as you figure something out, they throw your right back into the deep end of the pool. This repetition is where true growth happens.

I have had so many tremendous leaders, NCOs, and Soldiers who have inspired me to be better. Too many to list here. If you are reading this, and we served together, I thank you. I am not always the easiest to work with so thank you for tolerating me and thank you for the impact you made on me.

And of course, my three daughters. I was contemplating going OCS and the day I found out we were having triplets, that is when I made the commitment to commission. I wanted to demonstrate to them that you can achieve at a higher level if you put in the work.


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