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The “Do Hard Things” Podcast has launched!

I am so excited to announce that the "Do Hard Things" Podcast just went live! This has been something I have thought about for a long time and I finally decided to go for it. What took me so long? Like so many people we have self doubt and fear that keeps us from doing things and I am no exception to this. Some of the things that hold us back are the opinions of other people, the fear of looking like a fool, or just starting small.

Limiting beliefs and fear of failure have held me back throughout my life. A great idea is safe when it is in your head. No one can criticize it, and your idea looks and feels amazing while in its tucked in that safe space in your mind. Then when your idea is actually thrown out there, it's never quite as nice as it was inside your head. You notice all of the little flaws and people always have their opinions. So why not just keep it in your mental safe space?

I decided to just go for it. Anything worth doing in life is challenging and difficult. I have a lot to learn. I know the audio quality may not be the best initially, I may not ask the best questions, I will even say "umm" from time to time. The only way to get better is to put the work in and get the repetitions and learn from trial and error. It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something and you can't become an expert thinking about things and never taking action.

So here it is...LIVE!!! What I envision for the podcast is to talk about taking on challenges and meaningful pursuits in life, and how doing so enable use to cope and deal with life's never ending challenge and struggles. I am a guy who has screwed up so much in his life that I want to help others not make the same mistakes. As a Certified High Performance Coach, I will be providing actionable frameworks and techniques that can be applied to make life a little better, in addition to maybe seeing things from a different perspective.

In the first few episodes, I interview some people closest to me about their journey with 75 HARD. Their encouragement and impact on my life has directly led to the creation of this podcast so I wanted to start with some interviews with their journey. As we go forward, there will be some monologues and interviews with other interesting people who have taken on difficult challenges and have interesting stories and lessons learned. I would love to hear your candid feedback. What did you like? What did you not like? Would you like to be a guest? Do you know someone who would be a great guest? Any and all criticism and feedback welcome!

The first couple of episodes are interviews with people near and dear to me. Without my friends Craig Horstman (Episode 1) and Stephanie Valdivia (Episode 2) challenging me with 75 Hard, the podcast would still be just an idea.

So many more people to thank.

If you decide to listen, thank you for your time and please leave a review and provide me with some candid feedback.

If you gained value please share it!

I hope you enjoy and please take the time to leave a review and tell a friend!

Do Hard Things,



You can download the podcast here:

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